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  • I would like counselling; what happens next?

  • The first thing we would do together is an assessment. This means that our first meeting would be to discuss why you are seeking counselling, discover what your needs may be and explore additional questions to assure that I am best suited to meet your needs. Furthermore, we need to see that we are both happy to work together. This is also the time that we would arrange times and dates for our counselling sessions.

  • Do you offer face to face counselling, in person?

  • Not currently but this will be an option in the future.

  • Do you offer telephone appointments?

  • Absolutely, not everybody wants to use zoom for various reasons, so I am happy to offer telephone counselling.

  • How will I know how many counselling sessions I will need?

  • The amount of counselling sessions a person will require is quite individual. However, financial circumstances can be a factor due to the affordability. However, some people find that even after 6-8 sessions they feel enough relief to finish our counselling, whilst others feel that they would benefit from longer term counselling. This would be discussed in our work together.

  • How much are the counselling sessions?

  • My fees are £25 per counselling hour, with the assessment being free. I am happy to discuss any questions you may have before deciding to have the initial assessment, there would be no charge for this. Furthermore, I am passionate about counselling being affordable for all, therefore, I offer a lower rate for those on a low income and offer sliding scale payments. I have now introduced the option for two weekly and monthly counselling sessions. This allows for those that struggle to fund weekly sessions or those that are nearing the end of their therapy. please note, (This option is available to those that have completed 6 full counselling sessions).

  • How do I make payment?

  • I accept bank transfer before our scheduled appointment.

  • Will I have to pay if I miss counselling sessions?

  • My policy is that 48-hour notice is required to cancel an appointment at no charge.

  • How do I make contact?

  • You can either call me and speak to me, leaving a message with your contact details if I am not available to answer, or send me an email via the online form on my website.

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